Utility Scale Battery Storage Containers

By installing battery storage when and where it's required, we can utilise the full potential of clean renewable energy from wind and solar both day and night.

Energy Storage Solutions

We manufacture a wide range of bespoke battery storage containers for utility-scale wind, solar PV and EV charging projects according to our client’s design and specification.

Wind & Solar

Pairing utility scale battery storage with intermittent renewable resources, such as wind and solar, has become increasingly more competitive and many UK utility providers see battery storage as a cost-effective means of avoiding costly infrastructure investment and achieving their carbon-reduction goals.

EV Energy Demand

The Electric Vehicle (EV) sector is currently developing rapidly in both supply and demand and is predicted to grow exponentially over the coming years. The planned expansion of EV charging stations will inevitably require additional energy and may restrict the installation of EV stations in certain areas.

Grid Connected

By integrating battery storage systems with the grid, we can capture clean renewable energy for use as and when required.

Energy Storage Technology

Due to the recent focus on climate change and industry requirements to reduce our carbon emissions, battery storage systems such as lithium-ion and flow battery technology have the ability to provide a 21st century solution.